Upton Cave

The entrance is 5 feet high and 14 feet long and leads to a perfect beehive shaped room 11 feet x 11 feet. This Chamber is made of cut stone weighing tons, and is all under a large hill. This is where it gets weird. The so-called experts can’t agree on who built it. Some say it was constructed by Culdee monks from Ireland (it resembles beehive structures built in Ireland around 4,000 years ago). Others say it was built by stone-age Native Americans. And others believe it was built as a root cellar by the first settlers in the 16th or 17th century. The research department consisting of one very deranged staff of lost in new england thinks it was built by aliens from outer space. (we would fire him, but we only have one staff member)

Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut

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Located in Preston, Connecticut. Norwich opened it’s doors in October 1904 and closed in October,1996. Throughout the years it housed the mentally ill of all ages, the criminally insane,¬† sane geriatic patients, chemically dependent patients and to top it off, Tubercular patients, from 1931 to 1939. What a soup of shit Norwich must have¬†been. No wonder why some say this place is haunted.