I’m so Ladd, I’m so Ladd, I’m Ladd, I’m Ladd, I’m Ladd (Ladd School – Exeter, RI)

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Ladd School, a mental rehabilitation hospital, opened in 1907. The population grew from eight to over one hundred by 1923. By 1950 the population reached over one thousand. Dr. Ladd stayed until 1956, after allegations of neglect and abuse of patients. A nine year old boy, Tindaro, was found dead of asphyxiation, stuffed inside a laundry sack on the shower floor by police on October 18, 1955. If only the walls could talk…..some say they  do.


2 comments on “I’m so Ladd, I’m so Ladd, I’m Ladd, I’m Ladd, I’m Ladd (Ladd School – Exeter, RI)

  1. Maryann Mahoney says:

    My uncle would have been one of the early “residents” sometime in the late 20s/30s, I don’t know the exact years. He was a “slow learner” although in reality, I believe he had cerebral palsy. He was the survivor of a twin birth, the female twin a “blue baby” who did not survive. Because he couldn’t control his tremors and had trouble learning in school, he was here for most of his childhood. He was sterilized without his consent. I don’t know how many years he was there. I knew him in his middle age and as a kid, we would never had asked questions. He did have learning disability for sure, and had sometimes severe tremors. I would love to have had the opportunity to ask him of his life living there, from his POV.

    • dmglostne says:

      Thanks Maryann for sharing your uncle’s story. A sad example of sterilization and Eugenics. It’s a shame what happened in places like The Ladd School. Please keep telling your family story. We must never forget, David

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