Pawtucket – Central Falls Train Station

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Memorial Day weekend on the Acid Queen; in honor of all who died from seafood. Plymouth, MA

Lake Nipmuc Amusement Park, Mendon, MA

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In 1901 The Milford-Uxbridge Electric Railway provided a high speed trolley to Nipmuc Park. A state of the art theater along with dozens of rides were added making the park a very popular destination. In the 50’s with the popularity of autos the park died down. The Ballroom remained popular. In the 70’s Lakeview Ballroom as it was called hosted bands like Aerosmith and Ike and Tina Turner (way before Acid Queen). They also had a restaurant called The Flame and Sword (the joke back then was “great name for a gay bar”) You could go next door to Millie Mitchells and get the best fried clams in New England. The Ballroom is still open today under the name Myriad Ballroom and Millie’s is now Alicante – no fried clams but great food. Hey Duval, great site for your Casino- the folks of Mendon need the money.

Jolly Cholly’s Funland – North Attleboro, MA

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Funland opened in the 50’s till 79. The park had a ferris wheel, kiddie boats, merry-go-round, even a rollercoaster, and don’t forget the miniature train ride. All sitting on 12 acres right on famous Route 1. Not much left today. All lost in New England.