Lake Nipmuc Amusement Park, Mendon, MA

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In 1901 The Milford-Uxbridge Electric Railway provided a high speed trolley to Nipmuc Park. A state of the art theater along with dozens of rides were added making the park a very popular destination. In the 50’s with the popularity of autos the park died down. The Ballroom remained popular. In the 70’s Lakeview Ballroom as it was called hosted bands like Aerosmith and Ike and Tina Turner (way before Acid Queen). They also had a restaurant called The Flame and Sword (the joke back then was “great name for a gay bar”) You could go next door to Millie Mitchells and get the best fried clams in New England. The Ballroom is still open today under the name Myriad Ballroom and Millie’s is now Alicante – no fried clams but great food. Hey Duval, great site for your Casino- the folks of Mendon need the money.

11 comments on “Lake Nipmuc Amusement Park, Mendon, MA

  1. Walter Barac says:

    Back in the 60s they had great polka bands bands from all over the country…Versatones..Little Wally..Marion Lush…I was a member of the Happy Bachelors and we played there many times .many times when there was two bands ..
    Once a year there was a jimmy fund weekend ..All the bands would donate their time.. There would be about 10 bands playing sat and Sunday..
    I could go on and on…Great memories !!!

  2. Hello back in the late 60s I use to work for Bill Green running the rides it was a nice place to work the sun ,the rides the beautiful girls,it was just an awesome summer time job

  3. Glen Green says:

    My name is Glen Green. I’m the son of Bill & VI Green, who owned Lakeview Park in Mendon, MA.
    I’m wondering if you have any more info about the Lakeview Park site? I have some info but not the full picture.
    Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Glen Green

    • Joyce Dalton says:

      I have very fond memories of Lakeview Park. I think my Grandmother Anna Ingham painted the rides for the amusement park for Bill. I remember the horses from the carousel being painted in her garage one at a time. She also made outfits for the staff at the Lakeview restaurant.
      At one time there was a picture of her painting the rides in her shop I wish I still had that photo. She lived at 80 North Avenue.

      • dmglostne says:

        Thanks for sharing your story. I also have great memories of Nipmuc

      • hello joyce im Rich Castagnaro I use to run some of the rides for bill in the late 60s the hobby horsrs you talke about I wonder where they the ones inside or outside emailme please I would like to go back in my fond memories of the park

    • Rich Castagnaro says:

      hello Glenn my name is Rich Castagnaro I worked for your dad in the late 60s running the amusement rides wile going to school email me I would like to talk about the old times at lakeview park

  4. Ann Marie says:

    Myriad Ballroom was just purchased by Kevin Meehan and he plans to keep the ballroom open and have bands and weddings and functions etc.

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