Hudson-Chester Quarry, Becket, MA

IMG_0227 IMG_0230 IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0244 IMG_0250 IMG_0269 IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0277 IMG_0278 IMG_4062 IMG_4063 IMG_4065 IMG_4070 IMG_4076 IMG_4079 IMG_4080 IMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4083 IMG_4086 IMG_4089 IMG_4106 IMG_4112 IMG_4130The quarry opened in the 1850’s and closed in the 1960’s. It played a key role in the town of Becket and the Berkshires. When the quarry was abandoned equipment was just left there – a sneak preview of WHAT’S to come.