New England Sportsplex, Veron,CT










3 comments on “New England Sportsplex, Veron,CT

  1. dmglostne says:

    Thanks Dave, Back Side of America is a great site, lots of information. I urge all my blog followers, (all Three of them) to go check out your site. Did you see my post on the East Hartford Drive- in? what a cool place, Dave

    • Dave Brigham says:

      Thanks for sending people my way! I did see your E.H. Drive-In post. It really is a great place. I used to love going to the drive-ins when I was a teen/20-something. Still trying to convince my teenager to go to one of the few remaining places in Mass. to check out a movie…

  2. Dave Brigham says:

    Nice work! I tried to get one of my Backside of America contributors to shoot this place a few years ago, but he didn’t actually get behind the fence. I drive by this place a few times a year on the way to my mother’s place in Windsor. I’ll have to stop and shoot one of these days.

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