New England is our backyard, it’s where we live, work and play. Our past is not LOST it’s around every corner and under every rock, If you’re brave enough to look. ” Not all who wander are lost” ~ J.R.R.Tolkien.

11 comments on “About

  1. Katlyn says:

    You’ve taken amazing pictures! I didn’t even realize I scrolled back to posts from 2012. If you wouldn’t mind I was wondering where a couple places were?

  2. David says:

    I would would like to buy rights to one of your pictures for use in our magazine. Please contact me asap!

  3. Joe DeWolfe says:

    Great Photos, I am guessing you are from the Bellingham area? I recognize many of the pics from around town and glad you are capturing some of these places/things before they are gone and replaced by sterile retail plazas. Would love to find some of these other locations to check out myself.

  4. Great work, Dave! I really love this site! I really appreciated you checking out and commenting on my blog and letting me know about yours.

  5. Dave B says:

    It keeps getting better and better. Those lanes in Fitchburg look like candlepins (no such luck finding candlepin lanes in DC). On another note, I am looking forward to that special posting you mentioned (I won’t spill the beans). I sincerely wish I could have gone with you on that shoot.

  6. Pam says:

    I just wanted to say … you are a rock star!!! I try to find something every weekend but you seem to be always successful in finding an accessible site. I go alone but would love company from someone that gets it.
    Thank you for posting your finds. It is inspirational.

    • dmglostne says:

      thanks for the kind words. some of these places prefer to remain hidden in plain site. just scratching the surface. i heard the size of new england is 66,666 square miles. dave

  7. Steve says:

    Great place to remember how much history there is in New England!!

  8. Ben Proctor says:

    Dear Acid Queen Comander its your buddy Ben i posted your last post on facebook and asked for people to check out the cite to see what lostinnewengland is all about hoping to help you out and put the word out there.

  9. Laura Berg Lynch says:

    Very interesting Dave. Brought back a lot of memories, Nice to see you both.

  10. Matt says:

    Nice job Dave. Lets go find some more asbestos filled tunnels to crawl around in!

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